Visual & Performing Artists

Similar to the concerns of athletes intending to play sports in college, talented students who hope to pursue the visual and performing arts require special attention and expertise.

At the onset, Valerie helps students decide if they want to study at specialized arts schools or conservatories or if they want to study the arts alongside other disciplines at universities or liberal arts colleges. She makes sure students are matched with a balanced list of schools strong in their areas of interest. She helps students prepare portfolios and audition materials, whether for augmenting applications for a BA degree at universities and liberal arts colleges or for BFA applications to specialized schools.

For most admissions to universities or liberal arts colleges, an arts supplement is advised as colleges seek students with developed talents to diversify the student body. For programs at conservatories and specialized art schools, the audition or portfolio will play a more important role in determining admissibility.


• All elements of the Junior and Senior Year Program

In addition:

• Visual artists create school-specific portfolios, artist’s statements, and visual arts résumés either for strengthening applications to universities and liberal arts colleges or for admission to specialized art and design schools.
• Performing arts students (theater, music, dance) are guided in the logistics of planning for school-specific auditions and are provided with guidance in the creation of artist’s statements, performing arts résumés, and performing arts supplements either for augmenting applications to universities and liberal arts colleges or for admission to specialized conservatories. Valerie can provide referrals to her experienced network of audition coaches in theater and music.