Can Zoom replace the college experience?

Interesting insights from the Atlantic’s Ian Bogost: “The pandemic has made college frail, but it has strengthened Americans’ awareness of their attachment to the college experience. It has shown the whole nation, all at once, how invested they are in going away to school or dreaming about doing so. Facing that revelation might be the most important outcome of the pandemic for higher ed: An education may take place at college, but that’s not what colleges principally provide.”

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COVID & teen’s mental health

“With so many struggling (during the pandemic), it’s a vital time to offer support to teenagers in your life. Here’s how to start, how to teach resilience and warning signs that might signal your teen needs extra help.”

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COVID & college admissions

For this NYT op-ed piece, Frank Bruni interviewed Jeff Selingo, one of the best journalists covering higher ed. Selingo observes that the playing field for admissions will be the same this year, but that some of the rules will go out the window. And maybe some of those rules — for example, the need to showcase a flamboyant multiplicity of extracurricular activities — were dumb anyway and deserve to go.

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Class of 2021 & college admissions

From Rick Gates, Georgia Tech’s Admissions Director, an excellent piece on the future of college admissions and enrollment, with projections on what’s going to happen with admit rates, yield, and waitlists for the Class of 2021. A reassuring prediction about a concern that’s front and center for seniors: “I’ve been on a lot of panels with friends and colleagues from around the country lately. All of them (literally all of them) from schools with 7% to 77% admit rates, are saying the same thing: 2020 gap years are not “taking seats” from 2021 graduates.”

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Drumroll…class of 2020!

It’s May 1 (National College Decision Day) and although this May 1 looks quite different from past May 1s, I want to sincerely say “Congratulations!” to College Advisory’s Class of 2020. Although you will forever be considered the Class of COVID-19, your spirit, resourcefulness, flexibility, and resilience will support you through these unprecedented times as you make your way into the next chapter of your lives.

Students have decided to attend Boston University, Bowdoin College, Cal Poly SLO Liberal Arts, Cal Poly SLO Science & Math, CSUN Cinema & TV Arts, Colorado College, DePaul University, Harvard University, Montana State U Honors College/Engineering, Northern Arizona U Honors College, Parsons School of Design, San Diego State University, Sarah Lawrence College, UCLA, University of Chicago, Vassar College, Villanova University, and Wesleyan University. In addition to need-based financial aid, students were offered institutional merit scholarships ranging from $6,250 to $32,500 per year.

College Advisory’s seniors who graduated from high school in 2012 through 2020 have been admitted to following colleges and universities. What I hope is apparent is the range of options that College Advisory’s students have and the diversity of interests and strengths they possess.

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Will COVID kill the SAT?

A powerful argument and a student-centered response against standardized testing from NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counseling) including the concern that “standardized testing at its most useful needs to be standard and not dependent upon a student’s home life, access to technology, and time zone.”

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COVID-19: Graduations, milestones

For many young people, sheltering at home means missing milestones and public recognition of their achievements. Here’s some helpful advice for parents of graduating high school and college seniors.

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Celebrating humanity through music

We’re all in this together! This is worth a watch.

Over 5,000 People singing 🔸 66 countries 🔸 3 part harmony 🔸 One humanity

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COVID-19: Considering a gap year?

With COVID-19 creating uncertainty around a traditional campus experience this fall, some high school seniors are considering postponing college and taking a “gap year” instead. Admissions deans are encouraging students not to rush their college enrollment decisions as the coronavirus timeline continues to emerge, and many colleges are allowing students to deposit now and request a deferral down the line, even during summer, depending on institutional policies. Here’s some helpful advice if you’re undecided and want to explore gap ideas now.

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College decision: head, heart…wallet

Making the college enrollment decision? The author of this article, a veteran school counselor (and dad), makes the case for considering three key factors: head, heart, and wallet. 

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