Freshmen & Sophomores

While the junior year is when the college process begins in earnest, the importance of starting early cannot be overemphasized. The freshman or sophomore years are optimal times to develop an educational plan and explore extracurricular interests that support the student’s strengths and passions. Families with the foresight to plan ahead find that their children are more informed and prepared for college and have more choices later on. Frequent meetings are not typically necessary at this stage.


Laying the Groundwork

•Learn about the student’s unique interests, passions and involvements
•Educate the student and parents about options for higher education and college finances
•Suggest a roadmap of classes that support the student’s interests and college goals
•Recommend a standardized testing plan for the PSAT
•Perform an in-depth assessment of the student’s personal and academic interests including the Myers Briggs personality (MBTI) assessment
•Recommend extracurricular and summer activities that further develop the student’s interests; help students develop applications to merit-based summer programs upon request.