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Drumroll…class of 2020!

It’s May 1 (National College Decision Day) and although this May 1 looks quite different from past May 1s, I want to sincerely say “Congratulations!” to College Advisory’s Class of 2020. Although you will forever be considered the Class of … Continue reading

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Will COVID kill the SAT?

A powerful argument and a student-centered response against standardized testing from NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counseling) including the concern that “standardized testing at its most useful needs to be standard and not dependent upon a student’s home life, … Continue reading

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COVID-19: Graduations, milestones

For many young people, sheltering at home means missing milestones and public recognition of their achievements. Here’s some helpful advice for parents of graduating high school and college seniors.

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Celebrating humanity through music

We’re all in this together! This is worth a watch. Over 5,000 People singing 🔸 66 countries 🔸 3 part harmony 🔸 One humanity

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COVID-19: Considering a gap year?

With COVID-19 creating uncertainty around a traditional campus experience this fall, some high school seniors are considering postponing college and taking a “gap year” instead. Admissions deans are encouraging students not to rush their college enrollment decisions as the coronavirus … Continue reading

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College decision: head, heart…wallet

Making the college enrollment decision? The author of this article, a veteran school counselor (and dad), makes the case for considering three key factors: head, heart, and wallet. 

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“Elite” summer programs worth it?

As high school students consider their summer options, it’s worth reading this article about expensive pre-college programs at highly selective colleges. These programs are designed to generate revenue for the college, and with very few exceptions, they don’t give students … Continue reading

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Is your major important?

Sage advice from the CEO of a tech firm who majored in French: “College [is] less about learning job skills and landing a career than it [is] about learning how to learn.” Don’t fall into the trap of believing there’s … Continue reading

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College Admissions: Fake News

It’s impossible to get into college. This is the impression of many students and families who hear about declining acceptance rates and increased application numbers. They are ready to give up before they even began. Fake news! As research reveals, the … Continue reading

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Gap year: a smart solution?

“Not on my sofa!” was one parent’s response at the prospect of their child taking a gap year before starting college. Fair enough, yet if well planned, could a gap year be a smart solution? Evidence suggests that students who … Continue reading

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