“College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.”
—Frank Sachs, Former President
National Association of College
Admissions Counselors

Valerie Deutsch College Advisory helps students and their families navigate the college selection process, offering comprehensive guidance, structure, and expertise. She strikes a balance between helping students select colleges that match their learning styles, interests, and goals while meeting the priorities and financial parameters of their families. Valerie works with a range of college-bound students interested in the humanities, arts, social and natural sciences.

Extensive college visits allow Valerie to bring firsthand knowledge about program strength, financial aid, and campus life. By targeting strong matches, she helps students enhance their prospects for admission and scholarships, and saves them the time, expense and the disappointment of applying to too many colleges or to those that are a poor fit.

Preparing for an important stage in a student’s educational life should be a time of excitement, but it is often filled with anxiety. A comprehensive yet manageable plan is developed, which helps each student stay motivated, focused and organized. Guidance is provided in selecting high school courses, planning for required tests and in developing extracurricular activities that all support the student’s strengths and interests. Students are taught how to research colleges and how to effectively communicate their unique attributes through their applications, essays, and interviews. Families appreciate the support from an objective third party, which helps keep the parent and child relationship healthy.

While parental input is vital, the more actively a student is engaged, the more fulfilling their college experience will be. College planning is not only about gaining acceptance. It can be a time for young adults to reflect upon their priorities, develop the confidence to write and speak in their own voices and ultimately make wise choices. Allowing students to take ownership of the process will help smooth their transition from high school to college. The skills they learn will carry over to other facets of their lives.