What the scandal reveals

A well-written piece on the culture that produced the recent college admissions scandal. “The parents indicted were responding to a changing America, with rage at being robbed of what they believed was rightfully theirs.”

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Moral wages: admissions mania

Just what is all this scheming and obsession with college status teaching our children?

From the inimitable Frank Bruni – worth reading! 

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Ethical college consulting

The recent college admissions scandal is NOT what ethical college consulting is about. We do not bribe, cheat, perpetrate frauds, or engage in illegal or immoral behavior to game the college admissions process. Along with the rest of the country, I’m horrified. Mr. Singer in no way exemplifies the vast majority of independent educational consultants who assist families in navigating the admissions process.

I belong to four professional organizations, IECA, HECA, WACAC and NACAC, whose members are required to abide by the highest ethical standards in working with students and families. We are compensated by and work exclusively on behalf of our client families. In everything I do professionally, my sole concern is my students’ well-being and helping them to gain admission to schools where they will thrive and succeed on their own merits.

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Planning great college visits

Great suggestions, which were written by a student, on making the most of college campus visits.

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‘Nuff said. READ!!

Colleges not only care that students read, but they also care what students are reading as well as what they have learned from the experience. Here are five excellent reasons students would be wise to make time for reading.

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Is your child college-ready?

Being admitted to college doesn’t mean a student is ready for it. The ideal moment to think about this isn’t just before college, but instead earlier in high school — which provides ample time to address issues of college readiness. Here are some steps you can take.

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College admissions: what’s new?

Whether it’s affirmative action or new testing requirements, here are some recent college admission developments to keep an eye on.

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One big lesson? Worry less!

Planning for college? Teens wished they had worried less, sought more advice and spent more time on their college applications. At least that’s what nearly 100,000 members of the Class of 2018 said in this recent survey by Seventeen and the College Board.

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A shake-up in elite college admissions

Big news from the University of Chicago! The University will no longer require the ACT or SAT scores from U.S. students… “sending a jolt through elite institutions of higher education as it becomes the first top-10 research university to join the test-optional movement.” Let’s hope it’s the start of a trend!

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Advice for parents

This article offers great tips for parents when working with a child through the college admissions process. ”While you may be well-meaning, you may be unintentionally inspiring some negative backlash. Each of these behaviors can usually be reined in by asking yourself, ‘Why am I doing this?’ and finding an answer for yourself.”

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